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    Mobile Softwash of Maine is a leading exterior cleaning company serving Hancock County, Washington County, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Marchias and surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, affordable and upfront pricing, and quality workmanship. Read on to lean more about us.

    Our innovative Softwash cleaning system uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate organic and inorganic stain-causing materials at their core.  Softwash technology is superior to old-fashioned high-pressure power washing in every way.

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    The Softwash Difference

    Our company was born to fill an unmet need in the marketplace. We knew there had to be a better way than traditional power washing to clean exterior surfaces. Power washing relies on high pressure, which causes damage. Plus the cleaning solution typically used in power washing equipment simply washes away surface materials; it does not address the root cause of the problem. The Softwash system, developed in 1991, solves all of these issues.

    The Softwash process uses low-pressure equipment so there is no risk of damage to surface materials or surrounding surfaces. The system uses a special mix of environmentally-friendly chemicals – customized to the specific property and its surroundings – that are designed to kill stain-causing fungal microorganisms at their core. The system boasts a 100% kill rate, and it even leaves behind special inhibitors that slow the re-growth of these microorganisms. That’s why Softwash results typically last 4-6 times longer than the results from traditional power washing.

    Our Company Promise

    Here at Mobile Softwash of Maine, we want to earn your business.  That’s why we strive to do things better than our competitors, and to exceed our customers’ expectations day in and day out.  We promise impeccable customer service, friendly and knowledgeable technicians, and on-time service.

    Bricks2We offer affordable pricing, and we always provide you with a free, no-obligation upfront estimate with the pricing completely laid out. We will completely customize your cleaning-chemical mix based on the unique qualities of your property and its surroundings, and we only use 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly chemicals that will not harm plants or vegetation.   We will even clean up after ourselves when done so that we don’t leave you with a mess.

    Another thing that sets us apart is that our 100% satisfaction guarantee is the best in the business.  In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our work, we will come back and do it again for FREE until you are satisfied.  You won’t find a better guarantee in the region.  We stand behind our work because our experienced technicians always deliver exceptional quality, and because we know that our Softwash system is the best that money can buy.

    Simply put, here at Mobile Softwash of Maine, we strive for – and deliver – quality workmanship from a name you can trust.  Contact us today for your free estimate!