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    Let’s face it – your exterior structures are filthy.  Unless you actually dedicate some time to exterior surface and building cleaning, they are most likely among the dirtiest and grimiest surfaces on your property.  One of the main reasons for this rapid buildup of dirt and grime is the presence of organic materials that grow on the surfaces.  These organic stains can be difficult to remove unless you have the proper equipment, supplies, and knowledge.  And that’s where we come in.

    Here at Mobile Softwashing of Maine, we pride ourselves in our ability to clean and restore even the most neglected of buildings.  Our highly specialized exterior cleaning process will eliminate algae, mold, mildew, fungus, lichens, soil, insects, germs and bacteria on any exterior surface – guaranteed.  The result is a spotless surface that looks brand new.  And unlike high pressure washing, our specialized Softwash technology will not create any damage.  Simply put, our process will leave your exterior surfaces cleaner than the competition, with zero risk of damage to the surrounding surfaces.

    Why Exterior Building Cleaning?

    • Improves your home’s value and curb appeal
    • Restores exterior surfaces to stave off future wear and tear
    • Minimizes the spread of allergens on your property by eliminating them

    Why Mobile Softwash of Maine?

    • 100% guaranteed work – if you don’t like it, we’ll do it again
    • Our technology leaves behind special inhibitors that slow the future buildup of dirt and grime
    • Our Softwash process uses 66% less water than regular power washing
    • We only use environmentally-friendly, fully biodegradable chemicals
    • Softwash equipment is guaranteed to not leave behind any damage
    • Affordable pricing with no hidden fees
    • No-obligation, 100% free estimates
    • Guaranteed on-time, friendly service
    • We will work around your schedule, and we promise to clean up after ourselves when done
    • No exterior cleaning job too big or small

    There’s no doubt about it, if you need exterior building cleaning, give us a try. Your home is a precious asset, and it’s important to treat it that way. We’ve cleaned hundreds of exterior buildings and surfaces, and our customer satisfaction ratings are second-to-none. We don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. Quality service and affordable pricing from a name you can trust – that’s what Mobile Softwash of Maine is all about. Call us today for a free estimate!