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    One of the more important services we offer is dumpster pad cleaning.  Dumpster pads are notorious for housing germs, bacteria, and other organic organisms that contribute to the spread of disease.  Most businesses should plan to have their dumpster pads cleaned at least semi-annually (although doing it quarterly is better).

    In addition to germs and bacteria, dirty dumpster pads also attract bugs and rodents, which themselves can help spread disease.  For example, salmonella is often spread by houseflies that have been exposed to germs associated with rotten trash.  Roaches are also known to spread disease via their exposure to putrefied trash.  Hepatitis, tuberculosis and even AIDS have been linked to exposure to bacteria found within rotting trash.

    Here at Mobile Softwash of Maine, we use Softwash technology, which is a low pressure method that uses a customized mix of biodegradable and environmentally-friendly chemicals to kill the organic organisms that promote the spread of disease.  The microorganisms are killed immediately, and are then gently washed away.  We guarantee a 100% kill rate, which is impossible with traditional high pressure power washing techniques.  Softwashing uses 66% less water, and the results last 4-6 times longer than regular power washing.

    Why Dumpster Pad Cleaning?

    • Kills germs and bacteria that contribute to the spread of disease
    • Drives away disease-carrying bugs and rodents
    • Provides a more professional appearance for the exterior of your business

    Why Mobile Softwash of Maine?

    • Our organic Softwash process is guaranteed to kill disease-causing germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms – 100% kill rate
    • Affordable pricing that won’t kill your budget
    • Free estimates for either a 1-time cleaning or regular cleanings via a maintenance plan
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Environmentally-friendly, 100% biodegradable chemicals will not harm plants or vegetation that surround your dumpster area
    • We will show up on time, and clean up after ourselves when done
    • The best customer service in the business

    Don’t turn your business into a consumer health hazard! Let us come to your business, evaluate your specific situation, and create a fully customized dumpster pad cleaning recommendation just for you. Our quote can be for either a one-time cleaning, or a regular maintenance plan that will take care of all your needs – the choice is yours. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!