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  • Why Softwash is Better than High Pressure Washing

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    One of the primary attributes that separates Mobile Softwash of Maine from the competition is that we use top-of-the line Softwash technology, which is much more effective than high pressure washing (traditional power washing).  The main difference is that Softwash uses low pressure equipment, which reduces the likelihood of extraneous damage to surface materials or surrounding plants and vegetation.  But that’s certainly not the only difference.

    Softwashing involves the use of special chemical formulations that are customized based on the characteristics of the cleaning job at hand.  These chemicals are 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly, and are designed to kill all the organic materials that create nuisance stains and surface deterioration.  The process boasts a 100% kill rate, so nothing is left behind.  Once the harmful microorganisms are killed, they – along with inorganic dirt and grime – are gently washed away.

    Brick4Softwash technology is more efficient than traditional high-pressure washing equipment because organic microorganisms are responsible for the vast majority of staining that occurs on external surfaces.  Softwashing attacks these nasty organic materials at their core while also removing inorganic buildup.  The technology also leaves behind special chemical inhibitors that slow the re-growth of these materials.  The result is a highly efficient process that lasts 4-6 times longer than old-fashioned pressure cleaning, and uses 66% less water.

    Softwash cleaning is the recommended method for any building, structure or exterior surface: roofs, siding, windows, driveways, parking lots, solar panels, concrete surfaces, decks and fences, awnings, and any other external surface or structure you can imagine.

    Benefits of Softwash Cleaning Compared to High Pressure Washing

    • More effective: 100% kill rate on stain-inducing organic microorganisms
    • No risk of damage to property, surface materials, windows or surrounding vegetation due to low pressure process
    • The chemical formulation is always customized based on the specific property type, building materials, and property surroundings, resulting in more effective and efficient results
    • Chemicals are 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
    • Results last 4-6 times longer than traditional power washing
    • Uses 66% less water
    • Results are immediate no matter what the outside temperature is
    • Softwash technology is recommended by ALL shingle & roof manufacturers over antiquated high pressure cleaning techniques
    • Delivers superior results on any type of surface material – vinyl, brick, stone, epoxy resin, cobblestone, metal, glass, PBC composite, stucco, shingles, cedar, wood, concrete, blacktop, painted surfaces, and anything else you can imagine

    SoftWash23No matter how you slice it, the Softwash process is exponentially better than high pressure washing or even low pressure power washing. When incorporated into an annual maintenance plan, softwashing the exterior surfaces of your home or business offers tremendous bang for your buck.

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